Sept. 26, 2022

The Frank Zappa Morning Show (with Julie Klausner)

The Frank Zappa Morning Show (with Julie Klausner)
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Boss Ron is trying some new things and this time he's paired Whisp Turlington with the Hawk's latest "star" DJ, Greg Lemonsour. They are joined in-studio by Cindy Ravine (Julie Klausner), the world's biggest Frank Zappa fan. Cindy is working to start a Frank Zappa Morning Show and hopes to learn some tips from Whisp and Greg. Also featuring the latest single from "Billy Squier," "NyQuil Chicken!" Zappa's Shoes. Soda Dad by FISTER. Burger Tools and more!

Guest Starring: Julie Klausner (Difficult People, Double Threat, Kids In The Hall, Schmigadoon) as mega Zappa fan, Cindy Ravine!

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Julie KlausnerProfile Photo

Julie Klausner

Julie Klausner is a writer, comedian, podcaster, and actor from New York City. She created and starred in the sitcom Difficult People, which ran for three seasons on Hulu. She’s the author of the memoir I Don’t Care About Your Band and the YA novel Art Girls Are Easy. She’s written for several TV series including Billy on the Street, Saturday Night Live, and the Kids In The Hall reboot. Her interview podcast How Was Your Week? ran for nearly 250 episodes, and her current podcast, Double Threat, which she co-hosts with Tom Scharpling, is released every Monday.