108.9 The Hawk

Long Live Ma Sharney IX

Classic rock never divorced me, but I’m divorcing this feed and joining the Patreon because this show is awesome!

Thank you, Paul Scheer, for the recommendation!

Currently listening to the Genesis episode and you guys are the best. Right up there with the Rat. A great morning show DJ parity with exponential intelligence and humor! And by the way you guys are deep cut with your Genesis knowledge! There is no misunderstanding! And by the way, going back and listening to the catalog Abacab, it’s also my favorite Genesis album! The way they play with the time signature on all the songs.

Prepare to laugh out loud!

I am huge fan of the world Jason and Geoff have built. The commercials are hilarious. If you like The Best Show or Double Threat you will love The Hawk!! Please bring back Willy Crystal, Atamanuik is hilarious.

It’s funny

Foxy Lady ruined by classical rock radio

After the second Kiss episode, I had to...

These two recorded how much Hawk Rock Talk AND Whisp AND commercials in the same day? Legends. Needless to say this has become a go-to for this formerly fervent metalhead. Excellent improv, mad scenes, great guests, and the homegrown Val Verde radio spots are perfectly unhinged, featuring your favorite classic rock legends. Keep em coming fellas


This show really nails the sound of listening to a classic rock station all day—the DJ personalities, the commercial breaks, all parodied from a place of genuine love, while doing a great amount of world-building in the fictional town of Val Verde. The fake commercials really are brilliant, too.

Viper room, diaper room…

F—- charity. Let’s rock!

The Egg Foo What?! of faux radio based things

You’re doing a real Egg Foo What?! with this. Five stars!

I also cried when Freddie died

And he died on my birthday, so take that, Jeff! Love the show concept! Love the deep dive project! Love the banter!

hawk around the clock 🏆

having grown up listening to classic rock radio in the mornings while getting ready for school, 108.9 The Hawk is absolutely hilarious and spot-on. the ads and jingles are so well done (the NyQuil Chicken song made me burst out laughing in public) and really bring the Val Verde Extended Universe to life. great podcast, 10/10, would recommend

Too accurate.

Too accurate and frequently hilarious send-up of classic rock radio. I REALLY LIKE THIS GEOFF!

Best podcast EVER

FUNNIEST podcast ever! 90s kids - come for the classic rock station boomer DJ characters, stay for the hilarious ear-worm commercial jingle parodies!

Eric Clapton stinks.

108.9 The Hawk rules.

Eric Captain stinks.

108.9 The Hawk rules.

The Hawk rules

Every Monday mornin’ you know I’m crankin The Hawk. You gotta love it. Deacon style Peek-A-Boo? Tom Keifer’s Blowin Leafers? You’re only gettin that kinda stuff at The Hawk.


Micki macmac’s talons have me hooked! This is my favorite comedy podcast. Seriously great characters in the immersive world of Valverde. I can’t stop replaying to epic end of the Willy Crystal episode. You must listen or Wisp is coming for you! You won’t even know what happened. Just ask Danny Ackroyd.

It’s him…

Mickey Mack Mack haunts my dreams.

Val Verde is a world unto itself.

The 5-layer bean dip of alternate reality that is Val Verde which emerges over the series is an impressive piece of world-building by Jason & Geoff. The guests have been funny and fun, and I especially enjoy the commercials.

This Hawk has talons

I love this podcast. Quickly becoming a weekly first listen. If you loved the “alternate radio universe” bits on the best show and/or ever spent a lot of time listening to your local small town rock station, you’ll love it too

I Wanna Rawk!

Consistently hilarious, totally nails the classic rock format

Whisp Turlington Made Me Write This Review.

Do you like comedy? Do you like radio? Do you like to RAAAAAWK? Download this now, your ears will thank you.

Show rules

Dude. Show rules. Get hip.

It's Hawk o'clock!

No better medicine for a Monday like getting a bite in the ear from The Hawk! It's like taking laughing pills to excess, except no pills and just a ridiculously hilarious podcast. The Hawk rules.

Not to rag on these here dolls

But, this is my 3rd favorite classic rock radio podcast. Naw, just “boston” on the boys from Val Verde a smidge. Get a grip. This podcast has me hooked like The Angry Man (sp?) is/was hooked on those chicken wings!!

so dumb

This is dumb in the best possible way. It’s hilarious and I love it immensely. Not convinced about that Jason guy though, maybe he’s not the best fit for the format of the show.

This is genius

This is easily my new favorite podcast. The DJs on this station really know their stuff! This reminds me of what rock radio used to be like and I mean that in the best way possible.

Consistently Funniest Podcast

This is the most consistently funny, enjoyable, brighten-my-day podcast out there right now. Jason Gore masterfully voices an assemblage of fascinating weirdo DJs, and his brand of humor shines through, with deep respect and reference to the Best Show with Tom Scharpling. Tom used to voice different DJ-character interludes during the Best Show, and this podcast is like a beautiful evolution of that experience. Thanks for making it!

Need my tickets!

This show is awesome if you like REAL CLASSIC ROCK! However, I’m still waiting on my two free tickets to see Sarsaparilla The Singing Gorilla.

The Only Classic Rock Station that Matters

Get your Jimmy Page outrider doll and gather round the transistor! This station ROCKS

Classic rock hilarity

For anyone who grew up listening to classic rock radio, this is a must listen. Gore and Garlock get it hilariously right.