108.9 The Hawk

108.9 The Hawk is an improvised podcast about a failing fictional classic rock radio station in the fictional city of Val Verde. Each week its hosts, Whisp Turlington (Jason Gore), Jason Gore and Geoff “The Angry Man” Garlock, and their guests try to bring the station back to its former glory to no avail. With a cast of characters including Art Spart, Greg Lemonsour, Mikki Mackmack, Robby Dalton, Big Truck, Jeff & Melinda Tilt and many, many, many more, 108.9 The Hawk won't stop until they are once again the number one classic rock station in Val Verde and better yet, the world. 

Additional BONUS episodes of The Hawk include HAWK ROCK TALK, the Whisp Turlington Audiobook and more to come. 

About the Hosts

Geoff GarlockProfile Photo

Geoff Garlock

Geoff Garlock is a writer/musician/podcaster/holder of many buckets. His work has appeared on Adult Swim, IFC, MTV, SNL Weekend Update, Wondery, Revolver Magazine and many other places lost to the ages of time and the content gods.

Along with 108.9 The Hawk, Geoff currently does The Cannon Canon Podcast (where he talks about the films created by the Cannon Film Group), Docs Till Death (a podcast where he goes over punk documentaries), What's That From (a podcast where he remembers old comedy and talks about how it relates to his career and him it works) and Geoff also used to do a podcast called Worst Gig Ever (where he talked to comedians and musicians about how terrible it is to be a musician and a comedian).

If you do not know him from his comedy wares, you might know him from his musical wares. Geoff was the bass player in the
influential hardcore band Orchid and the bass player in maybe less influential but still liked by some Vice Recording Artists Panthers.

He also played guitar in the metal band Low Estate and bass in the hardcore band Ritual Mess. And piles of other new usually brutal music projects...except for his ambient records. Geoff contains multitudes.

But most days you can find Geoff with his wife and kid who are sitting with him on the couch watching movies and listening to him talk about Genesis too much.

Jason GoreProfile Photo

Jason Gore

Jason Gore is a comedian, writer, actor and voiceover artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Jason was a veteran performer at UCB Theatre in New York, NY. He has appeared on Difficult People (Hulu) and in videos for Adult Swim, Above Average, IFC and Marvel. He also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show a few times, eating snacks. He has done voice work for Heineken, Applegate, Waze and more.

In the podcast world, Jason is the co-creator of 108.9 The Hawk, an improvised classic rock/comedy podcast and he is the producer of The Best Show with Tom Scharpling. He also co-hosts, produces and writes for Meet My Friends The Friends with Tom Scharpling.