May 15, 2023

Val Verde Footlight Ensemble Does "Tommy" (with John Flynn)

Val Verde Footlight Ensemble Does
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Every year, the Val Verde Footlight Ensemble under the direction of Kevin W.D. Knight (JOHN FLYNN) creates amazing theatre in Val Verde. This year is no exception as they are performing The Who's "Tommy" despite a lawsuit from Pete Townshend.

Sponsored by Nirvana Shirt Warehouse, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Sharney's and Construction Brothers. Also get ready to win big with HAWKBUXXX.

Guest Starring: John Flynn as Kevin W.D. Knight!

John Flynn is an actor/writer/comedian currently living in Los Angeles. He co-wrote Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made! Ever! and is the co-host of the podcast Two Old Queens. His memoir Baked! was recently released by Pretty Great Publishing. In 2021 he won the LA Ovation Award for Best Book of a Musical for IT! The Musical Parody. He has won five Moth StorySLAMs and one GrandSLAM.

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