March 14, 2022

A Live Remote From Val-Mart with Jason and Geoff (with Amir Khan and Colby Smith)

A Live Remote From Val-Mart with Jason and Geoff (with Amir Khan and Colby Smith)
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Jason Gore and Geoff "The Angry Man" Garlock broadcast live from the opening of the newest Val-Mart in Val Verde! Who will they encounter? How many DVD's will they pull from the Val-Mart DVD Bucket?! How many times will Ricky tell that damn Mötley Crüe story?!

Guest Starring:

Amir Khan as Dave Navarro

Colby Smith as Cam Winchester

Amir and Colby are the hosts of the extremely hilarious improvised podcast, Honey Baby Sweetie Love!

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Amir KhanProfile Photo

Amir Khan

Comedian / Actor/ Podcaster

Amir is a comedian, actor, and podcast host of "Honey Baby Sweetie Love." He's performed all around the country and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.

Colby SmithProfile Photo

Colby Smith

Colby Smith is a writer and comedian based in New York City. With Amir Khan, he co-hosts the podcast Honey Baby Sweetie Love. He performed his solo show, "Sleeping Giant," to sold-out crowds in New York and LA.