Dec. 30, 2022

The Channel 8 New Year's Eve Celebration Party (with Michael Hartney)

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It’s the CHANNEL 8 NEW YEAR’S EVE CELEBRATION PARTY! Live from the Channel 8 Stage in Verde Square! With your hosts Whisp Turlington and Geoff “The Angry Man” Garlock from 108.9 The Hawk and Channel 8’s own superstar, SLEDGE HUNTLEY (Michael Hartney)! Featuring Art Spart! With special guests - Paula Abdul, Keanu Reeves, Mayor David Lee Roth and Mama’s Revenge! Brought to you by GLUNKTON! Slipknot In This House! Metallifuel! Channel 8 News! The Val Verde New Year’s Knife Challenge! And Ain’t Nuthin’ Write! Guest Starring: MICHAEL HARTNEY (Characters Welcome, JFL New Faces, School of Rock: The Musical) as SLEDGE HUNTLEY! HAPPY NEW YEAR'S from Jason, Geoff, Whisp, Greg, Art, Mikki, Big Truck, Robby, Boss Ron and more! Thanks for listening to 108.9 The Hawk in 2022. We can't wait for you to hear what we have in store for 2023! We'll be back on Monday, January 9th with "The Bassist (with Rekha Shankar)!" Get all things 108.9 The Hawk at! GET THAT 108.9 THE HAWK MERCH:   SOCIAL SIGHTS:

Michael HartneyProfile Photo

Michael Hartney

Michael Hartney is an actor/writer/comedian in New York City. He co-created popular YouTube channel Characters Welcome and is an alum of JFL New Faces and Comedy Central's Comics to Watch. TV credits include 30 Rock, WeCrashed, The Politician, and Throwing Shade, where he also served as a staff writer. Michael also created the roles of Stanley and Mr. Williams (and understudied the role of Dewey) in the original Broadway cast of School of Rock the Musical