Feb. 27, 2023

A Visit From Janelis J with Milly Tamarez

A Visit From Janelis J with Milly Tamarez
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iHeartRadio sensation, JANELIS J (Milly Tamarez) visits The Whisp Turlington Show on her manager’s advice. Janelis talks with Whisp and Geoff about Donald Trump, what is considered cheating, knowing nothing about classic rock and so, so, so much more! Mayor David Lee Roth stops by the studio to discuss his plans to fix Val Verde’s infrastructure. Art Spart has your traffic from the Bert’s Funeral Flowers Traffic Desk and it’s bad news if you’re looking forward to either Horn Fest or a trip to Wild Things Waterpark!

Sponsored by Springsteen at the Verde Dome! Medieval Fights! Juggggs Mug Emporium! AND Channel 8’s Dollar Blow!

Guest starring Milly Tamarez as Janelis J! You can hear more of Milly and Janelis J by searching for the podcast, “Clown Parade” on iHeartRadio! Highly recommended!

Milly Tamarez is a comedian, writer and podcaster based out of Brooklyn NY. She co-hosts the Betches Sup News and Politics podcast and you can find her on and

Milly will be back this Friday for THE HAWK: THE INTERVIEW - MILLY TAMAREZ!

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Milly TamarezProfile Photo

Milly Tamarez

Milly Tamarez is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress based out of Brooklyn, New York. She most recently wrote for ABC's The Celebrity Dating Game, Jason Biggs’ Cash At Your Door on E!, WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown, NPR's weekly news quiz show, Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me. Milly is also co-host for a female-led political and pop culture podcast, The Betches Sup. She was recently chosen as one of a handful of comedic voices to participate in Will Ferrell, Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers produced podcast, Clown Parade: An Anthological Character Piece Carefully Curated by Las Culturistas. Milly has also written for Buzzfeed, Reductress, and MTV and has been featured on Thrillist, Vice, BET, Flama, Above Average, Univision, and Comedy Central. She is one of the creators and producers of Flexx (a satire magazine for people of color) and Diverse as Fuck Festival a festival that highlights diversity in comedy. Milly is also one of the founders of the all-women of color improv team Affirmative Action. Her work has been featured in Vulture, Bushwick Daily, The Daily Dot, HelloGiggles, Galore Magazine, Adweek, and CodeBlack Report.