Dec. 29, 2022

2023: The Year of the Hawk

2023: The Year of the Hawk

Hey, it's Scotty. Producer extraordinaire at 108.9 The Hawk. What's up?! How were those holidays? Effing good, I hope. I had a good one. Went to Whisp's Holiday Party (always a damn event) and got my picture taken with Nick Nolte. He broke the camera right after the shot was taken, so I'll never see it. Bummer, man. Other than that, I hung out. Watched some Channel 8 and Val-Flix and everything was cool.

New Year's Eve is going to be something nice. We'll be simulcasting with Channel 8 for the Channel 8 New Year's Eve Celebration Party. First time we've ever done the simulcast, but our engineer Tharp assures us that everything will work. Whisp and Geoff will join Channel 8 news star, Sledge Huntley (Michael Hartney) for the broadcast and Sledge promises to not get so effed up this year. Believe it when I see it. I'm just excited to see that Buffet Drop on Sharney's Tower in beautiful Verde Square. I wonder what buffet is dropping this year? Last year it was the chicken fingers buffet and that effing ruled for everyone. Delicious. 

Just booked a new guest that is going to make Geoff shit himself and it's okay for me to spill the beans here because Geoff doesn't read this shit. Doesn't hurt my feelings. I prefer it. Anyway, I booked the bassist (Rekha Shankar) who recorded all of the interstitials and the theme for Seinfeld. Geoff is a huge Seinhead, so he's gonna love this. Hell, I'm fucking pumped myself! INDEED. SLAP THAT BASS. AM I RIGHT? You reading this, Flea? I know you are. 

Been hearing some weird broadcasts coming from Tharp's engineering shack. No idea what it is or who "The Curator" is, but I'm sure Tharp will tell me when it's time. He always does.

Anyway, cool Hawk shit in 2023. THE YEAR OF THE HAWK. Hope you're ready. Scotty is.