May 22, 2023

A Weekend At Dingbats (with Max Beasley)

A Weekend At Dingbats (with Max Beasley)
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Comedian MAX BEASLEY stops by the Whisp Turlington Show to promote their headlining weekend at Val Verde's most famous comedy club, DINGBATS! Also, Hawk listeners call in as soon as they hear the HAWKBUXXX sounder to win $1000 dollars in HAWKBUXXX! Who is Ewok? And how angry does Whisp get when he hears the promo for KSLOB?

Sponsored by Sharney's, Flenderson's Horse Bags, KSLOB, Construction Brothers and Channel 8's "Carbon Copy!"

Guest Starring: Max Beasley as Max Beasley!

Max Beasley (She/They) is an L.A based comedian, writer and filmmaker who has been featured on HBO Max and Adult Swim, and well as being past co-host of Who Charted on Earwolf as well as the Todd Glass Show on Starburns. They recently featured in the Comedy Bureau’s “Best of 2022”.

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