May 1, 2023

Yeah, That's What We Call Hawk Commercials: Volume Two

Yeah, That's What We Call Hawk Commercials: Volume Two
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Every episode of 108.9 The Hawk has a ton of commercials and now we get to celebrate the latest batch (and some that didn't make the first one) with YEAH, THAT'S WHAT WE CALL HAWK COMMERCIALS: VOLUME TWO! All your favorites are here! METALLIFUEL! MICHAEL'S MCDONALD'S! SEBASTIAN'S PLAYGROUND! GAL GERDE! AEROSMITH: THE IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE! JEFFERSON STARCHIPS! DOUG TUBB'S HOT TUBS FOR DOGS! And so many more! Wanna get your friends to listen to 108.9 The Hawk? This is a great episode to send them!

Doug Tubb's written by Emily Gore.

108.9 The Hawk was created, written and performed by Jason Gore and Geoff Garlock.

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