Dec. 10, 2022

Hey, it's Scotty

Hey, I'm Scotty, engineer and producer for The Whisp Turlington Show. I may be a man of few words, but that doesn't mean that I'm not downright nasty with a blog. I've been blogging all my life and now Boss Ron has asked me to blog here to keep you up to date with everything 108.9 The Hawk - and I just couldn't shake my head no. 

This Monday, Boss Ron's nieces - Kali & Kristal Dalton (Kelley Quinn and Malin von Euler-Hogan) are going to stop by the Whisp Turlington Show to talk about the new sister station they're on in Val Verde, HITS 103. Yep, ol' Boss Ron decided to expand the stations here at Val Verde Valley Radio Partners. Not sure how Whisp is going to react. Hopefully he takes it well. I mean, he paid for it and all. 

Everyone's getting pumped for Whisp's annual holiday party. We should get those invites this week. Fingers effing crossed, man. Also, like anyone in Val Verde can like, go, if they pony up the cash. So start selling those ponies. Hahaha. Man, I tell ya, I know I should do some of these jokes every morning, but in the end, I just don't want to. Keeping it for my comedy special.

The boys in Fister have a new EP out called, "For Christmas," and ya know what? It fucking rips. I'm sure you'll hear it on the Hawk airwaves soon, but until then why don't you throw Zane some bones. You can get it HERE. It rules. I've listened to it once. 

Also, we just confirmed with Channel 8 that we're going to be co-hosting their New Year's Eve show with them. The Channel 8 New Year's Eve Celebration Party. It will simulcast on both Channel 8 (right after an airing of "Holiday Garden Center," the slasher sequel to the brutal, brutal "Garden Center") with your hosts, Whisp Turlington, Geoff "The Angry Man" Garlock, and Channel 8's most popular news anchor, Sledge Huntley (Michael Hartney).

Hawk Trees are still up at Val Verde Valley Mall and it's bullshit that not many names have been taken off the tree. These fucking kids need you, Val Verde. Put your very legitimate fear aside and make a GD difference, okay? Yeah, I'll probably head that way after work and see if I can get a kids name or two. Someone said something about the hawks guarding the trees and how they "might" be mutating again, but I call bullshit man. You know what I mean? Probably give whatever kid I get a Hawk t-shirt that says "Jimmy Page is the name of my real Grandpa." You know, eff with their head a little bit. Cause some good old holiday family strife. 

So. Cool. Guess I'm doing this shit from now on. Got that blogging bug again, which is a weird feeling, dude. Haven't had that since 2000 and it took a ton of antibiotics to get rid of it.